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Snap & Dome Fastening Systems

Dot Brand snaps in a variety of finishes, adhesive fasteners, studs, eyelets and screw studs.

Twist Lock Fastening Systems

Dot Brand nickle plated brass and nylon common sense fasteners.

Lift-the-Dot Fastening Systems

Strong and heavy duty, Lift-The-DOT® fasteners. Nickle plated brass.

Stayput Fasteners

Stayput Fasteners are manufactured from high quality UV stable nylon composite components. The unique design provides a superior & reliable fastening system without the need for springs or pressure to remain securely closed. Being made entirely from nylon, Stayput Fasteners are resistant to corrosion and will provide many years of trouble free operation, particularly in a marine environment.

Suction Cup Tie-Down

Secure boat covers, tarps, scuba tanks, etc. with large 3-1/4" suction cup and toggle tie. 6" toggle tie stretches to 11", perfect for most applications. No cleats, tying or hardware needed.

Pull- the- Dot Fastening Systems

A heavy duty, three sided locking snap fastener Manufactued by Dot.

Tennax (pull-it-up) Fastener

The 'TENAX' fastener is a self locking fastener which will not come undone once engaged on its peg until released with a lifting of the button.
A quick release is accomplished simply by pinching the head of the 'TENAX' button.

Windsheild Clips

Windsheild Clips are stainless steel, spring clips with a top quality nickle plated brass snap stud attached.

Tarp Clips


Hole Plugs

Easy way to plug holes.

Panel Fasteners

For installing upholstery panels.


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